Five things people forget for their wedding day

1: Give yourselves more time than you think to get ready
So many times I have seen bridal and grooms parties in a mad panic to get ready and out of the hotel room, half dressed, sweating and flustered. Keep a generous schedule in mind, make sure you allow yourself enough to time to enjoy the morning. Relax.

2: Make sure your wedding planner /co-ordinator is walking you through every step on the day
On some occasions, your wedding planner wont be there on the day. So, who’s going to tell you what happens next? Where are you supposed to be? When are you supposed to be there? Where’s the cake? Where are the flowers? Where do you stand? Who is announcing you in? So many questions and you shouldn’t have to worry about any of it. Everything should happen seamlessly.

3: Who’s got their hands on the playlist and do they know what they are doing?
You’re walking down the aisle. The music is playing. You get to the alter. You stare lovingly into your partner’s eyes waiting for the music to gently fade down to silence. But it doesn’t. It either stops obdurately or doesn’t stop at all, because the best man has either forgotten to or has lost control of whatever device is playing the music. Then it suddenly skips to the YMCA and everyone’s confused. Then the speakers buzz and crackle as a couple of well meaning groomsmen fumble with the cables. It happens. A lot. Avoid Bluetooth devices as they get unpaired when left for a time. Make sure the operator is instructed, and knows how, to fade the music in and out and knows exactly when to do so (i.e walking down the aisle, signing of the register, walking back down the aisle).

4: Being announced in
We English are a funny bunch. Nothing proves our reserve then that moment when the couple are announced in to the wedding breakfast. Encouraged to make clap and cheer we willingly do so… for 10 seconds. Leaving you to walk through a room of silent, standing guests. Its all bit… awkward. So, brief a handful of people to keep the energy and noise up until you have made your way through the room and comfortably sat down.

5: Book a photographer that you would want as a guest
We photographers are privy to the some of the intimate moments of your day, meeting your friends and family and occasionally asking for their cooperation. We will be doing our best to make friends, build trust and have fun but if our personalities don’t match then, maybe we are not the right photographer for you. I hope that I am. Amenable is my middle name.

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