Why book a second photographer for your wedding

I totally understand that budgets are tight, especially these days. So, why would you want to spend even more money on an additional photographer? The reason is the incredible value for money it actually represents.

1: All the angles
As much as I would like to be, I cant be in two places at once. So, while I am photographing the main events (bridal prep, ceremony, family groups,  portraits, cake cut, first dance), my 2nd photographer is capturing Groom prep, the rings, the ceremony from the angles that I cant get to, all the lovely candids you wanted, not to mention the details you lovely prepared like flowers, decorations, table settings and garden games.  The result is almost twice as many photos for me to edit and more photos delivered to you. It also makes my day much easier, and your day less stressful.

2: Cost
Naturally there is a cost attached. In my case (at time of wiring) it’s £450. Thats a flat rate for 8 our 10 hours. Most of that goes directly to the photographer. I only work with reputable experienced photographers who I know will deliver the images you deserve.

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